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Sophie's Place

An MP3 Journal

Sophie Hatter-Howl
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I will be sharing Jmusic on this LJ so feel free to download and please leave a comment if you do! =^-^=

All mp3 are for evaluation purposes only, please delete them from your computer after 24 hours.

I will take requests (however I might not be able to get to all of them right away)

Go here: wizard_howl for more great anime & Jmusic.

I will try and make a list of songs available for request, but for now I will just be putting up songs of my own choosing. If there is something you are searching for post here: and I will see if I can find it for you. o^__^o

And don't forget to leave a comment when you download!! I upload my mp3s to yousendit.com, and there are only 25 downloads available. If I know which songs have been downloaded the maximum amount of times, I can re-upload and fix the link.
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